Turning Ideas into Money

Your Story + Resources + Ideas

At Ideas By Mike, we handcraft a plan based on your story, your resources and your ideas to help achieve the financial future you’ve envisioned and worked so hard for. What is important to you in life? What experiences impacted you? What do you want to do with your money? Our philosophy is to help our clients understand the relationship they have with money and how that relates to their financial future and the future of their kids. Together, we’ll map out a plan for whatever success means to you.

Mike’s Story

“I got into this business at the age of 11 years old, sitting around the dining room table with my grandmother. She asked me to help count her money at the end of a long workday. She didn’t have a bank account so we stored her money in used coffee cans; I became her CFO at that young age. She pushed me to be an entrepreneur and to help people. So, essentially my first client was my grandmother who sold collard sandwiches for a living. My investment philosophy really hasn’t changed. Count every penny, count every nickel, count every dime, count every quarter. And when you add them up at the end of each day, put a purpose to them.”

Services at Ideas by Mike

Financial Planning
College Planning
Tax Strategies
Retirement Income Planning
Health Coaching
Multigenerational Wealth

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

We will listen and learn about your story, your resources and your ideas. We will share our story as we get to know one another.
Next, we will think outside the box and create a financial plan with strategies that are customized to you and your priorities.
We will meet again to review the plan and make any needed adjustments—then move forward to put the plan in place.
Through the years, we will consistently review and update your plan as your family, your life, legislation and the economy changes. Our goal is tax-advantaged multigenerational wealth for your family.

Meet The Team

Each person on the Ideas By Mike team has an important role to play in helping our clients achieve success. Click on each individual below to learn more about them.

Kaitlan Costner

Director of First Impressions and Operations

Becky Luck

Health Coach

Kelsey Koo

Client Associate/Lead Conversion Manager

Kim Salazar

Client Service Representative