Kaitlan Costner

Director of First Impressions and Operations


Kaitlan Costner is a lifelong resident of Norfolk, Virginia and a graduate of Old Dominion University with a double major in criminal justice and sociology. She has a very strong work ethic having maintained a full time job while obtaining her degree attending school in the evenings.

Kaitlan came to Ideas By Mike after a 13-year background in the judicial/legal field working as a courtroom clerk in circuit court, later working for a criminal defense attorney, and lastly for a federal judge. “The justice system was a bit stuffy and all the rules, regulations and etiquette could make it feel stifling at times. In my new role, I have so much drive, excitement and ability to grow. It really fits with my personality better,” Kaitlan says.

As Director of First Impressions and Operations, Kaitlan oversees client relations and facilitates smooth and efficient operations both within the office and outside with the various companies and business partners. She is an all-around go-getter and a true people person, who knows the importance of making genuine connections wherever she goes.

Kaitlan recently became life and health insurance licensed, completing all her coursework and passing her test on the first try. “I am especially passionate about helping young people build up their assets so they can attend college or buy a home, or whatever helps to prepare them to be financially stable in life,” she says. She is a true believer in spending time and putting in effort towards the things in life that make her happy and successful.

She loves pretty much everything about her coastal city. “Norfolk is really the best of both worlds. Ocean View is a small beach town that I consider a hidden gem. Then there is downtown Norfolk, a small urban city filled with culture and diversity. I have worked downtown for 13 years and in the summer, if I’m lucky, I hit the beach after work and always on Sundays with friends. I love my city.” Majority of Kaitlan’s large family still lives locally, along with a huge group of friends. Between family and friends, she is always on the go. “I am not an introvert, I’m more the life-of-the-party type,” she jokes. She loves music, dancing, karaoke and the occasional cocktail. She likes doing craft projects, practicing her calligraphy/lettering and has a small business selling gold beaded bracelets on Etsy. She also has a flair for decorating and growing plants.


Get to know Kaitlan with a quick Q&A:

Favorite Recent Book/Read: Where the Crawdads Sing

Favorite Color: Purple

What’s the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time? Practice my handwriting

What’s one thing you are currently trying to make a habit? Making my bed every morning. Oh, and water! Drinking more water!!

Favorite season: Summer

What’s one word your friends would use to describe you? Loud

What’s your go to karaoke song? Shoop – Salt n Pepa

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend? Soaking up the sun on the beach in Ocean View with friends

What makes you feel powerful? Setting a goal and crushing it

One thing I’ll never do again? The spoon full of cinnamon challenge.  It’s awful, just awful. 10/10 do not recommend it.