Mike Milligan, CFP®, AIF, AIC

Idea Guy


My Story

I began my career at 11 years old, sitting around the dining room table with my grandmother. She would ask me to count her money at the end of each long workday after she picked me up from school. She didn’t have a bank account. So at that young age, I took charge as her “CFO” and got her one.

My grandmother pushed me to be the entrepreneur that I am today and to help people. Essentially, she was my first client—my innovative grandmother with an incredible work ethic, who sold collard sandwiches for a living. (In case you are wondering, my grandmother’s collard sandwiches were made from cornbread stuffed with collard greens, vinegar and spices, then pan-fried. She sold them at lunchtime to local workmen.) I guess you can say it runs in the family.

My investment philosophy really hasn’t changed since then. Count every penny, count every nickel, count every dime, count every quarter. And when you add them up at the end of each day, put a purpose to them. You need a purpose in order to plan and care for every dollar that you make.

About Me

With over 22 years of experience in helping folks through the world of finances and life as an advisor, friend and coach, I know we all need help. Personally, I’ve received tremendous help in life—from getting in shape and achieving weight loss and fitness goals, to growing a great business. I have also gotten great counsel in how to use my mind to control my choices and decisions.

I am a lifelong learner looking to use my practiced skills to help others just as folks have helped me. I am licensed in life and health insurance. I attained my CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designations in order to help my clients. I have worked for major banks and small investment firms to learn the ropes before starting my own firm almost a decade ago. Professionally, my goal is to be well known as the trusted advisor who always has every client’s best interest in mind. Personally, my goal is to be a great father to my three children—Zach, Grace and Paige.

Let’s share stories and dreams and help each other reach them.

Getting Wealthy and “Wellthy”

There is a clear connection between health and wealth. If you don’t have your health, you won’t enjoy wealth, and of course it won’t last long either. It was at a low point in my life after some personal relationship failures that I decided to reach for a higher level of health in life. Through a decade of poor choices in eating and working out, I found myself up to 350 pounds. I wasn’t living my best life.

I decided to make a big change. It took me two years to get down to 230 pounds, but I did it. I became a vegetarian and worked out at Orangetheory Fitness in Norfolk five times per week. Along the way, I started achieving more success while enjoying the “little successes”—and the big victories—things along the way.

I decided to add health coaching to my practice so my clients could also benefit from what I had learned and accomplished. I believe being healthy is the key to a long lifespan, and enjoying each day to the fullest.