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What do I Want FROM FOR You

A small, simple change can make the meaning of a phrase totally different. Let me show you what I mean especially when it comes to a financial partnership…


“What do I want _____ you?”


So let’s insert FROM in that blank in the sentence. Many financial professionals want from you statements, goals, risk objectives and transfers to input into the couple of products they use for ALL their clients. Many believe there is some business efficiency in doing the same thing over and over again for a lot of people; that’s how they maximize profit. It’s a business model, companies that provide index funds and large online brokerage accounts use, to get mass assets transferred in promising lower fees and average results.  As if we should settle for average; do you want to be an average person?

Instead, let’s insert FOR in the blank in the sentence above. What do I want FOR you? I want you to ask questions about what you have financially.  I want you to understand and be educated about your money. I want you to feel comfortable with where you are financially, taking anxiety about your future out of the question. I want for you a secure retirement, where you don’t worry about income, inflation or losing money.

Ask yourself a question, do you feel like you have a relationship financially with a professional that is FOR you? Or, have they taken FROM you?  See, having worked with banks, investment and insurance companies for the last twenty plus years, I have learned that I must be FOR my clients and prospects.  If their dreams are met, so will mine.  What I want FOR you is what I want FOR myself; a great Life Story worth telling one day.